Does anyone know, if XP SP3 is available to order on a CD or DVD?
Sadly I am forced to subscribe to HUGHES satellite ISP and with a download
size the likes of SP3, will most certainly cause a "fair access policy"
violation that in turn causes them to reduce my download speed to less then


You must have a friend somewhere that can download it, copy it to a CD, and
then mail it to you.



PD43 said:
If you are current with all previous updates, the download is just
under 67mb. If not, it will be larger.

Someone here recently posted a link where a disc could be purchased.

Hopefully this thread will be noticed and it will be posted again.

Thats a BAD idea... It is best to get the whole 316 MB Service pack. Now I
am beginning to see the source of all this "My SP3 cause XP to crash" stuff I
am seeing.

No... Regardless of how up to date you are, with the updates, ALWAYS get the
whole SP, never part of it. It is ok to reinstall a bunch of stuff.

I did the same with SP2.

Also, you may call your ISP and ask them if you can use the BW, tell them
what you are doing, open a ticket and make sure that someone there knows you
need to get a large download.

I find it absurd that they wold cap you for a 300 MB download... What is the
purpose of having high speed if not to download stuff? Find a new ISP asap
that will allow you to get what you need!

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