XP SP3 and Windows Installer


Don Singles

I have just recently reloaded 2 systems using the manufacture supplied
Windows XP Pro w/SP2 disks. In both cases, when I downloaded updates from
Microsoft update, I was immediately prompted to install SP3.

I assumed this would be safe, but in both cases Microsoft Update was unable
to install any post SP3 updates after I installed it. I ended up
uninstalling SP3 running Microsoft Update agin, but this time shoosing to
install other updates rather than SP3. In both cases, I was prompted to
install a newer version of Windows Installer (to V 3.1). After installing
this and THEN installing SP3, I had no issues.

Tonight I started on a 3rd system and skipped SP3 at 1st. I chose to
install other updates and then SP3 and everything worked great.

My question is, is this a common problem?

Shouldn't I be able to go straight to SP3 without this extra step or am I
missing something (or is MS Update supposed to be prompting for the Windows
Installer Update BEFORE SP3?)

PA Bear [MS MVP]

SP3 requires that either WinXP SP1 or SP2 be installed.

That being said, CrystalBall© sez...

Updates are not installed successfully from Windows Update, from Microsoft
Update, or by using Automatic Updates after you repair a Windows XP

NB: Also applies to clean installs, upgrade installs, and Recovery installs.


WinXP SP3 - Read all prerequisites for a successful installation

Steps to take before you install WinXP SP3

How to troubleshoot Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and Windows Server
Update Services installation issues:

Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for
Windows XP, but only for Service Pack 3 (SP3), until 14 Apr-09. Chat and
e-mail support is available only in the United States and Canada.

• US:

• CA:

• UK:

• AU:

• Other: http://support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx?gprid=1173 | select
Windows XP | select Windows XP Service Pack 3

Windows Update-specific newsgroup: microsoft.public.windowsupdate
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Desktop Experience - since 2002
AumHa VSOP & Admin http://aumha.net
DTS-L http://dts-l.net/


Just thought I'd mention that if you would go to the Microsoft download site
Windows Installer 4.5 is available as a download. It is an after SP3 item.

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