XP SP2 Firewall Domain Level Controll of Exceptions




I'm trying to creata a GPO to define the exceptions list for my XP SP2
machines. The problem i'm having is when i try to make the modifications to
the GPO on my DC it doesn't list the Difne Exceptions Settings. i can turn
the firewall on and off etc... but not define any exceptions. This is under
computer configuration - administrative templates - network - network
connections - windows firewall - domain profile. I'm trying to make these
changes on a windows 2000 server with the update patch for the mmc console.

Any suggestions would be grately appreciated.



David Beder [MSFT]

You're not the first to hit this and we haven't quite nailed the cause.
This is on win2k+sp4+kb842933?
Did you apply kb842933 before or after you attempted to edit any gpo with

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