XP SP2, COM+ and Firewall...




I have installed XP service pack 2 on a server machine which hosts our
system consisting of a Win32 application and a COM+ app. The Win32 app
listens on a number of TCP ports.

Now, after installing XP-SP2 on the server, it was an easy thing to enable
the part of the system consisting of the Win32 application by adding the
Win32 app to the Exceptions list of Programs and services.

However, I have problems configuring the firewall to enable the COM+
application! Of course, I have to open up port 435 - but that was not
enough! I also noticed that I had to open up port 1099!?!? Why is that?
After opening port 1099 everything worked alright - but why?

I've googled for port 1099 and COM+ but have not found anything!?
Please help straighten this out for me!


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