XP SATA Drivers For Compaq Presario F572US


Gary Brown


Can someone direct me to XP SATA disk drivers for a Compaq Presario F572US?
HP supplies that model only with Vista drivers. XP drivers exist for other
models that use the same chip sets but I don't know which ones. A Google
search hasn't been productive.

XP install does not have a SATA driver; it must be provided separately.



kony said:
What makes you think it needs XP SATA drivers?

I've converted a different Presario which seems to have the
same nVidia 6150 chipset from it's original factory Vista
installation to XP and did not need XP drivers for SATA,
just the nVidia chipset driver which should be here:


If their ridiculously long link doesn't work, go to their
site ( http://www.hp.com ) and search for " sp33411"

Installing XP, nothing in particular was necessary, just
install the OS then the drivers as expected.

The Asus M2NPV-VM should have similar issues, to that Go 6150/430


If you go to section 3.2.4 "Make Disk Menu", they address what
floppy driver diskettes the motherboard CD can make. Notice
they are mainly interested in SATA RAID, which implies an
F6 install is not required for non-RAID.

( Various drivers and the manual are here. )

You can example the Makedisk utility here, and see it has
similar files to a subsection of Kony's download link.
Downloading from the http server is a lot faster.


I'd try it first, without an F6 driver. And preferably, with a
WinXP CD slipstreamed to one of the more recent service
packs. (The WinXP CD I bought a couple months ago, was
already at SP3, so didn't need any further tweaking.)


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