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Hi All,

I am trying to sort out a system, but it is running incredibly slowly.
Looking at Task Manager, it seems LSASS.EXE and an instance of SVCHOST
between them are using 100% of processor resources, all the time (I have
left the machine on for about 36 hours).

I have run lots of different spyware removers in safe mode, which has
produced some results, but still I am left with these two processes hogging
the processor.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks very much.





"Dave" wrote: My computer (Gateway P4) XP has slowed down on startup. It
takes 90 seconds between the window screen and the welcome/strat screen. Can
anyone help?



Geddy Lee

HI Mav,

as far as I know, the LSASS.EXE is the Sasser Virus playin havoc with your
system. The SVCHost is your anti-virus program. The svchost is something
that I have sometimes too, and it is with McAfee; but I also had the problem
with Nortons. I wouldn't call the SVCHOST a big problem, it still happens to
me now; but it doesn't affect my system in anyway. HOWEVER, you better get
yourself another virus program because it appears that yours didn't do the
trick and you are likely infected with the SASSER virus.


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