XP Professional vs Windows Server 2003


Jonas Hei

For development work (on .NET with SQL Server 2000, .NET 1.1, Visual
Studio C#.NET 2003, MSMQ, ASP.NET, etc) which operating system would you
XP Professional or
Windows Server 2003 (std ed or enterprise ed?)

Mark Jerde

I use both for www stuff. ;-) Server things on the server (including VSS)
and development on XP and 2000 Pro. A big advantage of this setup is you
don't have to develop web stuff as an administrator. If 1.1 is different
from 1.0 in this I don't know it and haven't switched back to single-machine

-- Mark

Scott Allen

For server side ASP.NET development I like to work in a Win2003
environment. Although either OS would be just fine, there are some
subtle differences in the server OS and I feel more comfortable
knowing where all the knobs to tweak are.

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