XP Pro to home Premium?



Can I upgrade XP Pro to Vista Home Premium?
What about MCE to Home Premium?

Jane C

Xp Pro to Home Premium would require a clean install, although it is
eligible for upgrade pricing.

Media Center to Home Premium can be upgraded.

Iain D


You can install the Home Premium Upgrade as a clean install without having a
previous activated installation

I found this out as I was having a problem upgrading a Acer Laptop. Vista
would not do an upgrade as the XP installation was on a fat32 volume. I then
booted into setup from the upgrade DVD formatted the drive then did a clean

Tip is not to enter your serial number and select the correct installation
type for your version of Vista. Once Vista has installed run the upgrade
setup from within Vista then enter your serial number, activate the
installtion once the second setup routine has completed.


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