XP partition and Vista partition--URGENT!


Ed White

I've had a PC with 64-bit processor for over a year, but I've been running XP
Professional on a partition on it. Now that Vista 64 bit SP1 is available,
I've loaded that onto a second partition to test whether all my software will
run on it. While running in Vista, I went to the XP partition (which shows
up as drive D under Vista) and took ownership of the D:/.../My Documents
folder. However, when I boot under XP, permission is denied to view any
documents under the My Documents folder. Since I've not fully converted over
to Vista, I still need access to My Documents when I boot under XP. How do I
allow this?

Not Me

Login to XP as admin and take ownership?
Make a login the same in both OS with same permissions?


I'm also running dual boot with XP. To avoid having that problem I moved all
of the documents/folders I needed to access from both OS's to a neutral
location on a 3rd partition.

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