XP FTP Server



I am having trouble accessing my FTP server from outside
my LAN. I have a Linksys wrt54g router with 3 computers
connected to it (2 wired, one wireless), all running XP
Pro (separate licenses). I set up one of the wired
machines as an FTP server, disabled DHCP Client and set a
static IP. I also set the router's port forwarding for
port 21 to the static IP. I can access the FTP server
from the other wired computer in my LAN by entering the
static IP of the FTP server in internet explorer.
However, I cannot access the FTP server from the wireless
computer in my LAN, nor from any computer via the
internet. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in


From the Internet, you need to FTP to the IP address set in your router.
For example, your router will have an Internet IP address of
(under Status then IP Address). You port forwarded port 21 to an internal
IP address of (for example). So, when you FTP from the
internet, you need to use IP which will forward the request
to your internal IP address.

Your wireless should work ok by ftping to your internal IP address (e.g.

Hope this helps.



Thanks KG1, that was it! Linksys fails to differentiate
(or I missed it) the difference between the router IP and
router's internet IP.

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