XP Color Schemes: more than just 3?? How to change?




I'm wanting to change the XP colour schemes, which for some weird reason are
limited to just three.

I'm happy to create my own, but Windows won't accept the change for the
Active Task Bar. (It picks up some bits of the new colours and ignores
others.) The only way it seems to change colours is if I revert to the old
Windows appearance rather than XP.

Can anyone tell me if there's a range of alternative colour schemes
available for download or someway of setting the colour of the XP windows?

If anyone from Microsoft is reading this, for what it's worth, it's pathetic
how your company forever hypes its new Windows products then fails to
deliver on the most basic features that should be available. As for
security, without extra antivirus and spyware programs, Windows is still as
secure as a wallet at a pick pockets' convention.



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