XP built-in compression feature

Sep 11, 2006
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Can anyone please let me know how I can correct a problem I am having with Windows XP and zip files?

When right clicking on a file then choosing send to the option for Compress File has disappeared.

I downloaded a third party program (WinZip) and associated zip extensions with the program but for some reason any files that are on my system with a zip ext. is still not recognized by WinZip.

I have also gone into the folder option tab within the control panel and added a zip ext. and for some reason each time I attempt to add the extension it still is not accepted.

I have also gone into the winzip program and associated the zip extension with their program and still each time I try and open a zip file XP does not recognize the file format.

I am aware that I can reinstall XP but then I will have to re-install all of my programs.



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