XP Automatically Reconnecting Mapped Drives



Hi, I seem to have the opposite problem from most of the network drives
issues I've seen when trying to find a solution. I'm on XP Pro, SP2 -
at some point in time I've mapped my 5 or 6 spare network drives to
server shares, etc. but have made non-persistent connections to those

Now whenever I log in the drives are all reconnected automatically. If
I disconnect them, they will literally get remapped within a matter of
minutes without any help from me (I see this in Explorer if I sit and
watch it!). Has anyone seen this sort of behaviour before? I'm not
running any processes which rely on or attempt to connect to any of the
shares in question so I'm a bit stumped to say the least.

If there's any more info I can supply to help out then please let me



Try issuing the commands:

net use /persistent:no
net use * /delete /yes

at a command-promppt.

You might also want to check that the user doesn't have stored passwords to
shares they shouldn't have rights to, this is a very frequent
security-problem which arises if a sysop has mapped a share to install
something, and unknowingly saved the password.

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