XML Serializer in CF (slow)




We are using XML serialization to serialize a large array of objects.
We have two versions of the same application - one for standard PC
(Windows XP Embedded, using the regular .NET framework - currently
2.0), and a CF version running on Win CE 6.0 (using .NET compact
framework 2.0 as well).
We have observerd a huge difference in performance using XML
serializer between the standard and compact framework. Using excactly
the same hardware ( an ICOP 800 Mhz SoC - based system), the XP
Embedded version took about 50 TIMES faster than the CE version. Same
application, same data, same hardware.

Does anyone have any suggestion where should we look to improve this?
Any alternative serialization platforms? We still prefer to use XML
rather than binary serialization if possible because of future
interoperability with other software packages....





I know you said you prefer XML serialization over binary, but this binary
serializer is a lot faster:



Ginny Caughey
Device Application Development MVP

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Thanks, I will look at this.
I also noticed that there used to be a XML serializer in the OpenNET
CF (at least as of version 1.4), but it has gone in 2.3 (or at least I
cannot see it there). Does anyone know what happened to it? Was it
considered unncecessary because of the .NET 2.0 built - in serializer?


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