XML documentation comment question.



How do you reference a class constructor in a <see> or <seealso> tag?

using System;
namespace MyNamespace
/// <summary>
/// Does some stuff on some stuff.
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// See <see cref="!!!HELP!!! WHAT DO I PUT HERE?!?!?!"/> for an example.
/// </remarks>
public class MyClass
/// <summary>
/// Creates an instance of <see cref="MyClass"/>.
/// </summary>
/// <example>
/// <code>
/// MyClass oClass = new MyClass();
/// </code>
/// </example>
public MyClass()



Bruce Wood

Have you tried the class name with parentheses after it?

<see cref="MyClass()"/>

I know that you can distinguish between method overloads this way:

<see cref="MyMethod()"/>


<see cref="MyMethod(string)"/>

I imagine that constructors can be referenced the same way.

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