XML dataset saving



Is there a way of writing some xml data to a database table directly.
I know you can extract the values then insert or update but can you
some how create a xml dataset representation of the database table and
just write the xml into it.
Both the table and xml would have to have the same structure.

Michel Posseth [MCP]

Asuming you mean a MS SQL database engine

Wel even SQL 2000 knew the for xml clause etc etc and i know that the
support for XML in sql 2005 is much bether so i guess there could be a way
to do this however untril sofar i never needed this sort of functionality.

i guess you are bether of asking your question in a sql server group as this
is more related to the db engine


Cor Ligthert[MVP]


In my idea you are talking about the strongly typed dataset. There are
hundreds of methods to creat that.


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