Writing a macro to sort and export data to multiple worksheets




I am a Network Administrator for an Investment Advisory firm that is using
Excel 2003. On a daily basis, they download updates to their client’s
portfolios. This data can be exported to a CSV file from within the program
they use to download the data. The exported data shows the portfolio code,
as well as any updates to funds held in their portfolio.

The entire client portfolio list is managed between three portfolio
administrators, each one responsible for an equal amount of the portfolio
list. They have a separate Excel Spreadsheet that has all of the portfolio
codes in Column A and the Portfolio Administrator who manages that portfolio
in Column B

What they would like to do it take the Excel document that contains the
portfolio code and daily updates for the client portfolio list and somehow
split that one sheet into separate sheets containing the portfolio code and
the associated updated data. This solution would need to move the entire row
from the master sheet to the appropriate portfolio administrator sheet. Once
split into three sheets, we will then save each portfolio administrator sheet
separately and then import it back into the program they use to manage

The update worksheet would be created new daily, so I was thinking the best
way to do this would be through an Excel Macro, but I simply do not have the
knowledge necessary to write such a VBS Script. Any help would be greatly


Sal DiPietro



Dave Peterson

You may want to look at these:

Ron de Bruin's EasyFilter addin:

Code from Debra Dalgleish's site:

Create New Sheets from Filtered List -- uses an Advanced Filter to create
separate sheet of orders for each sales rep visible in a filtered list; macro
automates the filter. AdvFilterRepFiltered.xls 35 kb

Update Sheets from Master -- uses an Advanced Filter to send data from
Master sheet to individual worksheets -- replaces old data with current.
AdvFilterCity.xls 55 kb

If you're new to macros, you may want to read David McRitchie's intro at:

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