WPF Application hosting windows from other process




I didn't find a wpf news group, so I post it here.
I try to develop a wpf application, which should act as an host for other
application windows.

The WPF host is a remoting server.
I tried to connect with an windows forms client and send a controls handle
to the wpf host as an intptr in the remoting interface.

that works fine.

When I create an object (derived from HwndHost) in the wpf host with the
intptr (handle) from client, i get the exception, that the calling thread
must be an STA thread.

I think that the Hwndhost base constructor does some checking and throws
this exception.

So how can I pass a window handle from one process into another process
hosting a WPF application, which shall show this window from the other

In fact I don't care if the hosting process is a wpf host. I just started
with a wpf host.

Any hint?



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