Worksheet problem



I have the following worksheet. I am using excel 2003
Column A is Employee name
Column B is Overtime Code (1,2,3,4 thru 17)
Column C is hours worked
Column D is date worked

The worksheet will start out with the employee names listed alphabetically.
I want to sort the file according to overtime code. Then I want to add the
hours for each overtime code. So I would know that 40 hours were worked for
overtime code 1, 10 hours worked for overtime code 2, etc. Finally, I would
like to transfer the totals for each overtime code to another sheet so that
all you have is the overtime code and the hours worked for each code. It is
possible that some overtime codes will have no hours worked. And the number
of employees using the overtime code will change from week to week.

I can do all these things, but I will have to show another employee (who has
no experience with excel) how to do it. Anyone have any suggestions on how I
could simplify these tasks using macros and /or formulas?

Thank you for any help any one can give.




In your second sheet put the overtime codes (1 - 17) in column A with
a heading in A1. Then in B2 you can have this formula to give you the
totals directly:


Then just copy this down - no need to sort the data in Sheet1.

Hope this helps.



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