Working with question-answer pairs




I'm looking for resources to help me turn my data, stored as question/answer pairs, into tables.

Right now I have three tables: answers (UID, questionID, answerID), forms (UID, submitter, submit_date), and masterAnswers (answerID, answerValue).

I can generate a query that will tell me all the responses for questionID 5by UID. Or I can generate a query that will tell me all the UIDs associated with answerID 2. But what I need is to create a series of analytic tables(probably crosstabs), so I can get UIDs as rows, with questionID 1, questionID 2, etc. as columns, displaying the answerIDs as the values.

Are there any good tutorials, books, websites, etc. out there that can provide instruction? Or is Access the wrong tool for this job?

Thank you!

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