I have 2 desktops and one laptop which are all part of the same workgroup.

The desktop pc's and files are visable to each other under the workgroup
however the laptops is not.

Upon attempting to open the workgroup from the laptop i recieve the
following error.

"Workgroup is not accessible. Youn might not have permission to use this
network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if
you have access permissions.

The list of servers fort his workgroup is not currently available."

File sharing is enabled on all three computers.

Any Suggestions?





You may not be in the same group... be sure that the laptop has assigned the
same name.




Firewall? Maybe you don't have anything shared?

in message

sounds most likly like the computers IP’s are our of rang of each
other, easyist thing to do is to set the devices a static IP, so for
exable, give computer A the ip of and then computer C and computer C and so on.

To change computers ip address you must ope nthe properties of the
network connection select "nternet protacall" and clikc properties.
Selecte "use the following ip address" then then set the ip address,
the subnet should automaticly set to and where it says
gateway you should put your routers ip address if you have a router.

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