Workgroup woes



I have 3 PCs and a file server on my home network. Two of the PCs can "see"
all machines in my workgroup, but one can only find itself.

I have a desktop PC named Beast (Windows XP Pro SP2 )
I have a desktop PC named Beauty (Windows XP Home Edition SP2)
I have a laptop named Wanderer (Windows XP Home Edition SP2)
I have a fileserver named Terastation
My workgroup is named HOMENET

All three PCs are running Norton Internet Security.

Beast and Wanderer can see each other, Terastation, and Beauty in the
Beauty can only find itself.

As far as I can tell, Beauty networking is configured the same as the other
1. Computer Browser is set to automatic start
2. All three PCs have the same user accounts (no passwords, though)
3. NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled.
4. File and printer sharing is enabled.
5. Workgroup is set to HOMENET

I tried disabling firewalls on Beast and Beauty, but Beauty cannot find any
other machines in the workgroup besides itself. Beast can find Beauty and
all other machines in the workgroup.

Beauty can ping other machines and can browse the internet just fine.

What else can I try?





Change this..["2. All three PCs have the same user accounts (no
passwords, though)"]
To this..All three PCs have the same User Account and Password.

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