Workgroup templates in Excel 2007



I remember in Excel 2000 specifying a location where my company's templates
are located on the local network, and these would be among the templates
selectable when creating a new document.

Does this feature exist in Excel 2007? If so, how do I specify the
templates' folder location? If not, how else can I achieve the same thing?

(Incidentally, a search of "workgroup template" in Help yielded no exact




Rich Text

I'm having the same experience in Excel 2003, but can offer a workaround. The
workgroup template location can be set in Microsoft Word. (Tools, Options,
File Locations tab), but Excel won't use the templates on a network drive.
Make (and keep updated) a briefcase copy of the workgroup templates on your
local machine then set the workgroup templates location to that briefcase
copy, using Word to set it. Excel will then see the templates in you
briefcase when you ask for a new workbook using templates "On my computer..."

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