Word will not print until second time!

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Anders Eriksson


I'm using Word 2000 (Swedish version) and a strange thing has occurred. The
first time I print nothing will come out on the printer (HP Laserjet
1100A). I always need to print a document twice to make it print out on the
printer. The Queue (you know the icon that shows in the system tray)
appears but if I open it, it has no file in it.

The other Office programs, Excel, Power Point, Access, will print as
normal, on the first try.

Anyone that has a clue what is wrong and how to fix it?

// Anders




Hi Anders,

Sounds strange ....

Well you can try two things

1) Reinstall the Printer Driver. ( make sure that you
clean the DLL from Server properties. )
2) Reinstall Office 2000.

If both doesnt work then contact the HP Support.


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