word Temp File On Desktop



A friend of mine has a "Word-Document" short-cut on her Vista desktop, but
when ever she resaves the document a "tempfile" appears on her desktop as
well and stays there. In XP the temp file would go away after a few seconds ,
but in Vista it stays....Why.

This was the message she sent to me
I'm wondering now if it might have something to do with temp files. In XP
when I'd resave something that was a desktop shortcut, a temp file would show
up for just a few seconds. Now they stay there until I close the document.
This is the icon I have trouble with. It's an icon for a shortcut to a Word
document that I revise regularly.

Any ideas

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Word creates a number of temp files in the document folder while you are
working. If you insist on saving a document to the desktop, then that's
where the temp files will be created. They should be deleted automatically
when you close the file.

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