WORD - symbols when i hit "ENTER"



i was trying to add an entry to my table of contents (and have it be linked
to my document) and somehow i did something to make a million little symbols
appear on my page!!!

they look like two straight lines with a black filled in circle at the top
(a backwards P) sort of.

this symbol appears every time i hit enter.

please help me to get rid of this formatting!!!

Tony Jollans

Those symbols are called pilcrows and each one marks the end of a paragraph.
If you don't want to see them, click on the button on the toolbar which has
the same symbol on it, or press Ctrl+*.

Herb Tyson [MVP]

It sounds like you're describing the paragraph mark, which can be a useful
diagnostic when trying to figure out what's happening in some documents.

In any case, you can toggle them on/off using Ctrl+Shift+8, or by clicking
the paragraph mark in the Standard toolbar. For more precise control over it
and other non-printing characters, choose Tools- Options - View, and look at
the Formatting Marks section.

JoAnn Paules [MVP]

Two ways

Either click on the button with ¶ next to the zoom percentage in your tool
bar or Tools - Options - under Formatting marks, clear paragraph marks.

Some of us keep all of those formatting marks turned on all of the time. It
makes working on a document al lot easier. I see too many documents where
people hit the enter key at the end of a line rather than change the
margins. That really screws things up when you're trying to insert that text
into another document.

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