Word gives error when trying to insert clip art.



G'day there. I have a pentium IV with 1 gig ddr ram, running Win XP Pro
I'm using MS Office 2003 Pro, What is happening is when starting to edi
things in a new document, I've tried to insert clipart, but when I fin
the clip art I want as soon as I click on it, it comes up with th
message, "Word encounted a problem and needs to close. We are sorry fo
the inconvenience." I've tried un-installing, re-install, deleting othe
programs that use clip art or photo editing tools. I get the same erro
message when I try to insert a template of an envelope I've previousl
used before and still comes up with the error message.

I hope that "Someone" can help, it's really starting to give m
fracking ....... with MS Office. It had never done anything like thi
before. I've installed SP 1 and 2 but to no avail. Please someon
Regards, Kev



Gerry Cornell

Look in the System and Application logs in Event Viewer for Warning and
Error Reports and post copies here.

You can access Event Viewer by selecting Start, Administrative Tools, Event
Viewer. When researching the meaning of the error, information regarding
Event ID, Source and Description are important.

HOW TO: View and Manage Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP

A tip for posting copies of Error Reports! Run Event Viewer and double click
on the error you want to copy. In the window, which appears is a button
resembling two pages. Double click the button and close Event Viewer. Now
start your message(email) and do a paste into the body of the message. This
will paste the info from the Event Viewer Error Report
complete with links into the message. Make sure this is the first paste
after exiting from Event Viewer.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England

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