Word documents should contain an embedded dictionary



When I write documents with many proper names, I add the names to the custom
dictionary to permit Word to spell check the names throughout the document.
That said, I would rather not keep proper names in my custom dictionary where
I keep what I consider to be "global" or cross document language additions
like acronyms etc. Also, when coworkers view my document in Word on their
machines, it flags the names as misspellings since my custom dictionary is
stored on my machine (needless to say it's not real pleasant trying to share
and manage a document and external custom dictionary file.)

Might be nice to have a dictionary addendum built right into the document
itself. Essentially each Word document can contain document-specific
dictionary additions.

Maybe there is already a way to do this?

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Yves Dhondt

I hope not as that would imply that every writer would become a spelling

Suppose you misspelled a few words in a report and are to lazy to correct
them. You just add all the words to the document's dictionary and send it to
your manager. He would open it, scan it briefly, and as there are no markers
of spelling or other errors, forward it to the customer. That customer would
then actually read the entire document in detail and get annoyed by the
quality of the spelling.

It's fine that you can decide for yourself what is correctly spelled and
what isn't. You shouldn't decide for me.


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