Word 2007/XP: Copy/Paste from website into Word - Performance prob



When I copy text from a webpage and paste into a Word doc., Word shows a
" Contacting website" message and slows to a crawl. It does eventually paste
the content. Pasting to notepad is immediate and so is from notepad to Word.

Any idea on why that might happen?

This behavior is new. It never happened with Word 2003 and only recently
started with Word 2007.

I am using Firefox browser.

Herb Tyson [MVP]

I'm not sure why you didn't see it in Word 2003 -- I do. The reason it
doesn't happen in Notepad is that Notepad supports only text -- so pictures
and formatting are not transferred. If you don't want formatting & pictures,
you can achieve much faster pasting into Word (2003 or 2007) by pasting as
unformatted text instead of accepting the default paste method. In Word
2007, press Ctrl+Alt+V (Paste Special), and choose Unformatted text. (or...
in the Home ribbon tab, click the Paste dropdown arrow, Paste Special,
Unformatted text.

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