Word 2007 error



We hvae offfcie 2007 professional installed, user's getting the following
erro when launch word 2007, If I re-create the windows user profile it works
fine. Is any easire workaround for this.

Microsoft Visual Basic Run-time error '429'; ActiveX component can't create

Jay Freedman

This is usually the result of a broken add-in or a corrupted Normal.dotm
template -- see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/828550 for background.

First, with Word closed down, go to %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates and rename
Normal.dotm to OldNormal.dotm. Restart Word, which will create a new
Normal.dotm if you make any customizations in it. If the error doesn't
appear, then that file was the problem. If necessary, you can copy styles,
macros, etc. from OldNormal.dotm to Normal.dotm, then delete OldNormal.dotm.

If that doesn't help, rename OldNormal back to Normal. Then start removing
add-ins (go to Office button > Word Options > Add-Ins and disable one at a
time, then restart Word) until you find one whose removal makes the error

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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