Word 2003: Questions About the Horizontal Ruler



I just started using Word 2003, and notice a couple of things that
seem to be different than my previous version of Word.

On the horizontal ruler, which is set for inches, there are seven
"hash marks" between each number on the ruler. When I drop a tab
symbol on the ruler, or move the indent symbols, they line up with the
inch numbers and with hash marks 2, 4, and 6, but they do not line up
with hash marks 1, 3, 5, and 7. Is that the way the ruler works, or is
there a setting that will fix it?

Also, IIRC, in my previous version of Word, clicking anywhere inside a
document displayed a vertical line showing that position along the
ruler. Is there a setting that will activate that line?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Graham Mayor

If you have inches displayed on your ruler, the default intervals on the
ruler are 1/8ths. The default tab interval is configured from the format
tabs dialog and I believe is 0.5". If you click on the ruler, the current
type of tab is added at the cursor position. Whilst holding the ALT key you
can drag that tab anywhere you wish. Though you should only set the tabs you
actually require from the tab dialog - preferably as part of the paragraph

There is no line on the ruler to indicate the horizontal position. The
position is however measured on the status bar at the bottom of the Word

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