Word 07 - Why does Word return to Calibri 12 after I set default?



I would like to change my default for Word 2007 to Verdana, however, after I
follow the steps as presented in "Help" to change the default, I find that
when I open a new (blank) Word document it has always reverted to Calibri 12.

What is the proper way to set a new default in Word so that I do not have to
keep resetting the font for every document

Thank you!


Terry Farrell

Open a blank document, go to the Format Font dialog box (that's achieved by
pressing the miniscule arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the Font
Group on the Home Ribbon - you may need an electron microscope to see it!).

Now change you font and press the DEFAULT button at the bottom of the
dialog. Close Word and press the YES button to save changes to the global
template when prompted.

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