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I hope someone can help with this. I am running word 2007 and adobe 8
I have a document (docx) that has a hyperlink to an excel file in it. I
need to convert the document to pdf and still have the hyperlink work.

When I print to the adobe printer, the hyperlink is broken. When I use the
acrobat tab in word and choose preferences I can pick "fully functional" or
"quick and simple". I have checked the "add bookmarks" and "add links" in
both instances.

When I choose fully functional pdf, word "thinks" for a while, but does not
create the pdf.

When I choose quick and simple, word creates the pdf, and the links work,
but the pdf file has circular and semi-circular shapes sort of superimposed
over the text of the document.

I get the same results when opening adobe acrobat directly and clicking
"create pdf" except with the fully functional pdf will sometimes work and
sometimes result in an error. the quick and simple will work, and the links
will work, but I get the circles.

I can print to the distiller and add the links using adobe, but I have many
word documents and many hyperlinks and don't want to do it the long way.

Also, word and adobe are fully up to date.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Graham Mayor

Have you updated Acrobat to 8.1.2?
Assuming your document is not corrupt the problem seems to be with Acrobat.
Try repairing that.

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