WMM and camcorder??



I am trying to connect my Sony camcorder to my computer with a Aux in plug
as in the audio plug and a composite plug for the video. but I can just hear
the audio in the computer cant c the video. How do i connect my camcorder to
the computer. I have the IEEE 1394 and i read that I will also need a video
card , wat kinda of video card do i need?cuz then i'll search for it in my
computer. Im trying this for the first time and want to burn my home videos
into a cd, and the windows movie maker can make my videos look like real
movies. Thank you. ps: is there any special plugs needed to connect the


you will need a fire wire card to run your camcorder
through your pc and create vcd's.



its written videoHi8 handycam vision.i think it means its an analog one. i
also got a reply saying ''that i have to use a fire wire card'' sorry for
asking but do i need to fix this card in the hard drive or can i download it
from sum site? thank u. thank you for the replies.


Look at the label on the bottom of your camcorder--on the label is your model
number (looks like "CCD-TRV128" or something similar).

Now go find it at the Sony web site at http://www.sonystyle.com

On the Sony site, follow the Electronics > Cancorder links (at left side of
page) to find your model.

If the product description doesn't tell you what you want to know, then
scroll back up to the top of the page and try the Customer SUpport link. On
the Customer SUpport page, there's a link to the "Product Support Site"
--follow that to the "Support and Registration" page. At the top of that
page, follow the "Documentation" link ( or the Knowledgebase link, or
Tutorial link, ...), and then enter your model number when prompted.

From here, you can download the electronic edition of the manual for your
cam. It should tell you all about connecting to a computer. If you still
have questions, send Sony tech support email asking what you need to connect
and transfer video from your cam model to a PC.

Good luck!


Graham Hughes

As it's Hi8 it will be analogue.
In order to get the video on to the pc, you need to use either a graphics
card which has video in/out (VIVO) capability, or purchase either an
internal analogue capture card or external device.
www.pinnaclesys.com chaep external
www.canopus.com quality internal/external
www.miglia.com quality external
These will capture the video as a digital signal, thus you can import into
MM and edit straight away. If you use the graphics card route you often need
to convert the movie into an avi file before editing.

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