WMI problem after upgrading to XP SP2



It seems that there is quite at few problems in the newgroups regarding WMI
problems after updating to XP SP2.

We also have this problem, when we're testing this upgrade. However I think
it's more likely af WMI - XP problem, than a SMS - XP problem.

The problem is that we'll get a access problem to the WMI og can't connect
to WMI at all (WBEMTEST). The USERENV (event 1090) service also have the
problem: Even
though we don't use (has stopped) firewall and security center.

If somebody find out anything, we would glad to here about it.
This have already been posted on the SMS newgroup, but a were helpful
person told me that I should posted here to. He is by the way looking in to
the Wbem logs files at the moment.


regards Frank Röder


I have worked with MS on this issue and we were able to get it resolved.
Once SP2 was installed on a client, SMS did not work properly. WMI and
DCOM was access denied.

In a managed environment, you will need modify Group Policy by giving
Authenticated users "Read" access to WMI, SMS Agent Host, and SMS Remote
Agent Security Services.

The problem is likely due to GPO Restricted Group affecting the SMS Agent
Host Service. If a policy is defined in Computer Configuration | Windows
Settings | Security Settings | System Services | SMS Agent Host, I would
consider adding “Authenticated Users” Read, as well. If any policies are
defined under System Services, they will likely needthis alteration, as XP
SP2 addresses a service impersonation vulnerability.

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