WMI over linux


Raphael Amorim


My name is Raphael Amorim and I'd developed many softwares using WMI to
extract information from remote windows machines using C++. I've recentely
read some text/presentations about WMI build on Samba and got very
interested about it. I've tried to run my old WMI C++ programs over Wine on
linux and always got the same error in my ConnectServer call. Basically what
I'm trying to do is to schedule a process, located in a linux server, in a
remote windows machine, using the windows schedule service. Do you guys know
anyway to achieve this over the linux plattform?

thanks in advance,

Raphael Amorim

Scott McNairy \(MVP\)

Have you considered the root\cimv2:Win32_ScheduledJob class? The class will
schedule a job to run on a Windows PC, aka Task Scheduler v1 equivalent to
the at.exe command.

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