WM and Exchange via IMAP



I have this problem ... when I setup an account in WM to an exchange server
over IMAP, it loads the folders and messages; The first time.

Every time I open WM after that, I get a barrage of " replica for mailbox
not on this server" ... or something like that.

Now, I have tested this several ways:

Outlook Express
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007

I can access my mailbox (using RPC with outlook) and IMAP with outlook and
OE, and OWA ... I know all my messages and folders and stuff ARE THERE.

Why on earth cant WM do the same thing? Im sick of clicking OK on the dialog
like 60 times just to get to my newsgroups. If i want to reply to a posters
email, WM makes me setup an account under WM. It wont let me use an existing,
and OPEN Outlook connection.

WHY !?!?!?
WHY !?!?!?

Gary VanderMolen

You would probably get more help for this issue in the newsgroup
microsoft.public.exchange.clients. [crossposted]

Gary VanderMolen

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