WLAN card only works under Admin account



First off, an apology. I have posted this before on other NG's , XP groups,
so thought it was time to try the correct OS group. OK dumb of me, I grovel

I have a problem with a Wireless network card (D link DWL 520+) card, not
being recognised under any other user account (Restricted/Power/Guest etc)
until I first log on and off again under an Admin account.

Only two user accounts on the machine, (Admin and User), from clean install
win 2k, install driver for card, then all latest SP's, patches from MS

From a cold re boot, logging in directly as a Restricted user, D-Link
software shows No card installed and network icon showing no connection. Log
in as Admin, log off again and straight back to User, and card is seen.

How can I force the card driver to run for the Restricted user?


I have same problem with DWL-510. I called DLink and they agree its a 2K
permissions issue but after checking various settings for the dirver itself
and program files, everything looked OK. On my system, I noticed that
advanced permissions allowed Power Users to modify and Users to read &
Execute and Read. In computer management however, the other users were only
part of Power User. This should be enough and should inherit permissions of
lower levels, but I explicitely added the accounts to User group as well ...
no luck however. Just adding this to document things tried to fix this
problem and maybe give you ideas.


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