Wireless on LAN



I am attempting to install a cheap D-Link wireless router into my LAN. I
already have a firewall at the front end of my network between the world and
the LAN. All I want to be able to do is allow users in the LAN to access
the LAN and Web via wireless. Is this possible? How do I do it?


Doug Sherman [MVP]

You give us no useful information about your existing infrastructure; so it
is impossible to tell what you need/want to change or replace. If you have
an existing wired router or modem/router combo device and you simply want to
add the DLink device to provide wireless access:

1. Connect a computer by ethernet cable to the DLink and access its web

2. Assign the router a IP which is compitable with but does not duplicate
the IP addresses on your existing network; disable its DHCP function; and
configure wireless access as desired. How you do this is product dependent
and you will have to consult the manual/CD that came with the device. Or -
you can download a manual at the DLink web site.

3. Use an ethernet cable to connect a LAN port on the DLink to a LAN port
on your existing device. Do not connect anything to the DLink's
Internet/WAN port.

Instead, if you have a separate modem and router, you should be able to
simply swap the DLink for your existing router. However, you would still
have to configure wireless access per the manual.

Doug Sherman

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