Wireless Network Setup from Vista not working on XP



I have created a Flash USB Drive with the Wireless Network Setup in
Windows Vista and when I run it in WinXP it does not work.

I already applied the WPA2 patch in WinXP. The Wireless network I'm
using use WPA2-PSK

The error says:
The wizard could not find the information it needs to set up a
network, or the information was not usable. Try running the wizard
again from your original computer.

Does the Wireless Network Setup Wizard from Vista support configuring
a WPA2-PSK in WinXP?

Many thanks
http://tinymailto.com/oliversl <-- My email after a captcha


It seems that wpa2 can only be set in Vista using the Wireless Network
Setup Wizard.
So I changed the wfc to use wpa and then I just change from WPA to

I need to configure many wifi net in my many pcs, thats why I need the


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