Wireless Network Problem?



New laptop - Installed a wireless WLAN card (software was
factory installed). The error is "Cannot find server-
Miscrosoft Internet Explorer."

On the Laptop: Under Network Connections, the Wireless
Network Connection is enabled (and is getting excellent
signal strength). The Local Area Connection indicates
the "network cable unplugged."

On the home computer (where wireless router is
installed):under Network Connections indicates Local Area
Connection is "enabled,firewalled" with the next icon
showing "1394 connection enabled 1394 Net Adapter."

How do I get the LAN on the laptop operational and get
that internet connection?

Much appreciated and Happy Holidays...





try disabling the firewall :
right click wireless lan connection ---> properties ---> Advanced Tab --->
Uncheck "Protect my computer and network .."
Click Ok.
Restart and see if you are able to ping your ISP's Gateway.






Make sure that you have your TCP/IP addresses set.

On my wireless I use for the Dekstop and 192.168.02 for the
laptop wireless.

I use for the Default Gatewatey and DNS Server on the Desktop
and for the same on the Laptop.

Also, make sure you have given a login name and password on your desktop for
the laptop to use when using file sharing, printers, etc on the desktop.
Otherwise the laptop will give you an error that you cannot connect to the
network, however the Internet connection will work provided the ICS option
and network name are specified in the Options for the modem.

Mine works just fine.


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