Wireless network configurations options missing; network fails to work on...


James Tallent

Currently, I'm having an issue with the wireless
connectivity in XP, I changed some router (which also is
my wireless base station) settings over the wireless
network, and my primary laptop's wireless network now
does not give WEP Encryption type options under Available
Networks > Configure > Association > Wireless network key
(WEP) field. (This is the only event that occured
simultaneously with the disappearance of the network key

The specific options missing are:
Key format
Key length

They're replaced by:
Confirm network key

Since the network key is truncated (sp?) I fail to connect
to the wireless router, it cuts the key to 8 digits.

Barb Bowman [MVP-Windows]

The key length determine the encryption strength. MS wanted to simplify it
and "just make it work" in SP1

1 ASCII Character=8 Bits

1 HEX Character=4 Bits

40 or 64 bit ASCII WEP code has 5 characters

40 or 64 bit HEX WEP code has 10 characters

104 or 128 bit ASCII WEP code has 13 characters

104 or 128 bit HEX WEP code has 26 characters

for a HEX key, use only the letters a-f and numbers 0-9. try configuring a
128 bit HEX key on both the router and the pc.

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