Wireless keyboard/Mouse with a Belkin OmniView 2-Port KVM Switch???




I just purchased a Belkin OmniView 2-Port KVM Switch and I'm having some
problems. First of all I'm using it with a MSFT Wireless Natural Multi-Media
keyboard I was able to kind of get it to work but I seem to be having issues
with the keyboard not typing keys and constantly adding the "a" key when I
type when I remove the switch from the equation the keyboard works just

Has anyone been able to get this combination to work?? And if so was their a
trick in doing so.

I've noticed that theirs an optional power connection which I don't have a
transformer for would that help????

Thanks in advance for you help - CES


Ted said:
Wonder if the KVM switch is capable to recognize a wireless
mouse and keyboard.
I got a KVM switch last week, it was not a Belin, but it do not work
with my cordless keyboard, so I presume some signal is not put out by
the cordless keyboard. I am selling the switch to my brother, I will
just have to cope with two keyboards and two mice.


Did it work at all or did you experiance to problems I decribed... adding
extra keys missing tped keys etc.. Did your box have a power adaptor??

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