Wireless Connection Issue


MS User

XP - SP2

I got a Microsoft router with 2 dell laptops @ home.
Both laptops used to get wireless connection.
From last week, one of my laptop not able to get into wireless connection
(Message :- not able to renew IP address "Limited or NO connectivity).
I manually configured with my router IP address, status shows connected BUT
not able to get into internet.
This laptop works fine at my work place with the wireless connection.

My second laptop get connected to wireless connection with NO ISSUES @ home
now also.

I updated the latest firmware on my base station and applied
winsockxpFix.exe ...NO LUCK

With all these trouble-shooting, I guess it's an issue with my laptop and

Please advice with any suggestions or links


Zhao Ying


Have a nice day!

Thanks & Best regards,

Ken Zhao

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