WinXP boot up stalls after installing SATA



Ever since installing an 80GB Maxtor SATA HD, my system stalls at boot up.
It goes at normal speed until it his the windows splash screen, then it
takes quite a while before actually entering into windows, sometimes even
several minutes.

My system and setup is as follows:

ASUS P4P800 Deluxe
Pentium4 3ghz
512 ddram

Primary IDE1 Master - 13GB WD (WinXP Pro with all updates installed on this
Primary IDE1 Slave - 80GB Maxtor Ultra ATA (FAT32 Formatted)
Secondary IDE Master - DVD-RW
Third IDE Master - 80GB Maxtor SATA drive on sata1 connector

The boot sequence:
1st device - 13gb WDC HD
2nd device - DVD-RW
3rd device - Floppy
4th device - MBA UNDI (Bus2 Slot5)

BIOS IDE Config:
Onboard IDE Operate Mode [Enhanced Mode]
Enhanced Mode Support on [S-ATA]
Configure SATA as Raid [NO]
IDE Detect Time Out (sec) [35]

I'm not sure if I missed anything during the installation of the SATA drive,
I didn't install any drivers but simply formatted it. The drive is
accessable and functional. I'm using this setup as I've been told it's best
for video/audio capture. The two larger being the dedicated drives.

Thanks for any help

Rod Speed

Since its a relatively new motherboard design,
check that you are using the latest bios for it.

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