WinSAT - Low memory score



Hi everybody!

WinSAT (Windows System Assessment Tool) is giving me a low score on memoty
(2.4) and I would like some help to find out what's the problem exactly.

I have 2 x 512 of OCZ dual channeling (wich I think [dual channeling] is not
supported by my motherboard [K8N-E deluxe]) and 1 x 1GB of Ultra memory.
They're all DDR400.

I tried switching my pair of 512 bars form slots 1 and 2 to slot 2 and 3 and
it didn't change a thing.

Any idea?





Hi MarkyMarc,

Thanks for your response!

I'll check the model number when I return home tonight. I'll also try to
run the test without my 2 dual channel bars.

And I've found this about my motherboard.

Memory Support : 3 slots, DDR400, 3GB max, single-channel

I'll keep you updated. (And I will contact the shop that build my comp if I
found that they really messed up with the memory part.)



So I just tried almost every possibilities with my 3 memory sticks.

Here's the result (pretty weird as you'll see)

Slot 1 | Slot 2 | Slot 3 || Result
1GB 512 512 2.4
1GB - - 4.3
1GB 512 - 4.0
512 512 - 4.0
512 - 1GB 4.0 (just to check the 3rd slot)
512 512 1GB 2.4

So for now I'm with the 1.5 option...

If someone can explain how this is possible, I would be gratefull. :)

Thank you,




Dana Cline - MVP

That's definitely weird, and I don't see any logic behind it. I guess I'd
drop to 1.5Gb until I could afford another 1Gb stick, then try the two of
them and see if you get a 4.3 or better...

Dana Cline - MCE MVP

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