WinPE and Intel Pro 100 VE



Hi all,
I am trying to add network support for an Intel Pro 100 VE (Onboard
NIC in a Fujitsu Scenic T) I am using the BDD (PE 1.5) and the SMS OSD and
have not had any luck so far. I have used the Drivers available for download
from Fujitsu as well as the latest generic drivers form Intel. Both of these
drivers have worked in a BartPE CD successfully....

The additional drivers are in an extranics dir that I have specified to the
Config.hta in the BDD and added as the additional drivers in the OSD FP.
Neither of these disks get the machine onto the network.

Interestingly a CD made by the server deployment solution accelerator works
fine with these drivers but as you probably know it is a different version of
PE that doesn't have the HTA and scripting support required for the BDD and
OSD stuff.

If anyone has any Ideas about where to go from here I would be most gratefull.

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