Winforms v webforms?



Hi all

I am looking for some advice on when it is best to create a database
entry and management application using .net winforms or webforms

A scenario I am looking at is a LAN business network environment using
SQL Server to store the data. Users maintain and update their own

Are there some basic 'rules' as to when you use the ease of creating
and using a winforms application, as opposed to the ease of deployment
of a web forms application?

The known group of users is known and an Outlook group is easily
creatable for contact with the users. Speed of development and ease of
use for end users are major factors. Users could number 60 and a
typical size of the database would be a total of 10,000 records

I apologise if anyone recognises this from a previous post but I never
worded what I wanted to know properly

Thank you to anyone that can offer me any advice in an area I have
found to be quite a gray one :)



Cor Ligthert [MVP]


Answers from Kevin and me in another newsgroup you have posted too.


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