windwithmefs Core i7 review Part 10 - Foxconn Flaming Blade GTI Indepth review

Dec 1, 2008
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At this half year, the Intelfs core i7 is the key promoted product of the high-end product line.
The users are really easy to run out their budget while the CPU is still not cheap at allc.

But the pricing of X58 motherboard is a bit gflexibleh than the CPUfs.
So, some of the manufactures have already launch their entre-level X58 mobos.
The price of them are around USD200 ~ 200.
Itfs much cheaper that compares to the highest-end models.

Recently, Intel is going to launch their Core i5 (LGA1156) processor. Itfs around the corner.
For the different segment of the market, Intel will place Core i3, Core i5 & the Core i7 as the value, mid-range and high-end product.

After the launch of Flaming Blade, FOXCONN releases a step-lower model, called Flaming Blade GTI version.
The price is around USD183.

First, take a look at the package design.
Although it should be a value X58 board, but FOXCON still make it as a high-end product design. Looks like a high-end product.

A big box package and some details in the back for the spec too.

FOXCONN Flaming Blade GTI, the board.

In this market segment, the ordinary capacitors are the reasonable choice.

The bundling:
User Manual, Easy guide, Drivers and Utility CD, IO shieldc.etc.

The lower-left part:
2 X PCI-E X16 slots
(supports2 X 16X”VATI CrossFireX)
1 X PCI-E X4 slot
2 X PCI slots
The LAN chip: Realtek RTL8111C
The audio codec: Realtek ALC888Csupports 7.1 channels HD audio.

The lower right part:
The debug light

The upper right part:
3-channel DDR3, support 1333/ 1600/ 1800, max support up to 12G
The left plug is the 24pin power input.

The upper left
This is LGA1366 socket, but Foxconn keep the 775 coolerfs mount hole.
A real smart design for users
The CPU power supply parts, the board put 6-phase PWM on.
I think itfs enough for i7 normal usage.


Dec 1, 2008
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REAR IO parts:
8 x USB2.0
1 x Gigabit LAN

The North Bridge and CPU PWM heat sink

FOXCONN Flaming Blade GTI version is not support SLI.
The capacitors are all not solid state capacitors, and they put away the eSATA also.
These are the differences of FB and FB GTI.

Starting Screen


OC options page

CPU Features

DDR3 reference page, XMP, where the auto OC technology within.

The voltage parts:
CPU Core Voltage +10~1260mV(CPU, max: 2.54750V)
CPU VTT Voltage +20~1260mV
DRAM Voltage 1.50~2.86V
CPU Vdroop Compensation,This is for prevent the voltage go down when OC the Intel chipset
X58 IOH Core Voltage 1.10~1.60V(the interval is 0.02V)

OC gear
The system provides totally 8 storage spaces for Users to save their OC settings.

Hardware Monitor

The above is my test, stable at 200/1600.
I think you can do that on your own for some special settings.
Dec 1, 2008
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The Test system details:
CPU: Intel Core i7 950
MB: FOXCONN Quantum Force Flaming Blade GTI
VGA: MSI N9600GT Diamond
HD: Intel X25-M 80GB
POWER: Corsair 400W Power Supply
Cooler: Megahalems

DRAM part:
The market price of the DDR3 is almost reaching the lowest point.
So, Ifd like to pick up the value price DDR3 1600 for the test.

CORSAIR XMS3 2GBX3 TR3X6G1600C8,DDR3 1600 CL8 8-8-24 1.65V

DDR3 1601 CL7 7-7-20 1T
1.65V,VTT Voltage +80mV
SP2004 3 X Blend modeC5.82GB full loaded steady.

DDR3 1601 CL7 7-7-20 1T
Sandra Memory Bandwidth-28744MB/s
EVEREST Memory Read-18013MB/s

DDR3 2000 CL9 9-9-24 1T
Sandra Memory Bandwidth-21081MB/s
EVEREST Memory Read-34216MB/s

The configuration of XMS3 DDR3 6GB 1600 CL8 is a bit conservative.
So, I make it as 1600 CL7 7-7-20 1T can run steady.
I end up with CPU 200Mhz. DDR3 runs at 2000MHz CL9 (system can get into the OS and run the OC testing)
The Corsair XMS3 (DDR3 1600), the OC ability is above the standard.

CPU part
Intel Core i7 950
OC 200 X 21 => 4200Mhz
DDR3 1600 CL7 7-7-20 1T

Hyper 8 X PI 32M 13m 37.519s
CPUMARK 99 657

CrystalMark 2004R3


PCMark Vantage score:14227


Dec 1, 2008
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OC 191 X 23 => 4401Mhz
DDR3 1913 CL9 9-9-24 1T
Hyper 4 X PI 8M 1m 50.090s
CPUMARK 99 688

Install with my i7 950, the system can reach 8 PI 32M stably by 1.212V.
The maximum of CPU can be around 4.4G.
The maximum rate of overclocking of this D0 version (i7 950) seems a bit improved than previous vision.

VGA 3D Rendering
By MSI N9600GT Diamond


Crysis Benchmark


Street Fighter IV Benchmark(Display V-synch ON)
1920 X 1200

9600GT display card is a mid-range level product.
If this VGA co-op with i7 CPU, I think most of the games can run quite smooth (of course not open too much effect)
BTW, this GTI version doesnft support SLI; hence, you have to use ATI cards when you wanted to install dual VGA display.

FOXCONN Quantum Forces series/ Flaming Blade GTI
1. entry-level price for X58 board, but the packing is still very high-end
2.BIOS options are various. Almost the same to mid-range level Quantum Force Mobo
3.The OC ability is quite good in the way. The OC performance of CPU and DRAM are obviously nice.
4.A bit earlier, the cheaper X58 is around USD200, Flaming Blade GTI version only needs USD180.

1.No back up supports for NVIDIA SLI
2.The south bridge is only use ICH10.
3.Hard to buy in the channels as usual

Performance: ššššššššš™
The Components design: ššššššš™™™
Specification: ššššššš™™™
The appearance: šššššššš™™
C/P Ratio: šššššššš™™

The X58 products are being mature in the market.
Due to the positioning of the chipset, it is a Top-ranking product.
Hence, the chipset is relatively high in price. Most X58 motherboards in market is around USD 200 to 300.
The segment is quite complicated too.

FOXCONN Quantum Force series try to release a step-lower X58 model.
But for the budget consideration, the components and functions are a bit reduced than before.
If this is for a budget user, this Flaming Blade GTI is a best choice for gamers.

The OC ability of Flaming Blade GTI version is inherit from Flaming Blade and BloodRage. Itfs quite up to the standard.
If you want to spend more to get a board, which has better components and maybe can use both SLI and CF.
I suggest that you should try the Flaming Blade, not GTI version.

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