windows xp sp2 loads desktop then freezes



Hi, there:

I posting this message for my friend. I don't know all the specs of
her computer, so for now I will post what I know.

About 2 months ago my friend said that when she booted up her computer,
it loaded her desktop and then froze. Her zone alarm antivirus and avg
antispyware loaded as well -- I know these 2 progams work well together
and she has been using both for about a year. She and her husband shut
it down (they had to shut down from the back of the tower because their
power button on the front did not work). They checked all the
connections inside the tower and at the back, booted it back up and it
worked and had been working ever since until about two weeks ago. It
then did the same thing -- loaded everything on the desktop, then
froze. They tried the same thing as the last time (checking all the
connections), but this time it froze for good -- they tried booting
several times and it froze as soon as it loaded the desktop. Prior to
all this happening, they had never received any error messages. The
computer had not acted funny in any way.

She had never cleaned her computer in 6 years, so I suggested she clean
it as well as the mouse and see what happens. It still did the same
thing. I suggested she try another mouse. She did and it worked. No
error messages whatsoever. She did her updates, ran scans, checked her
email, surfed the internet and there were no glitches at all. However,
the new mouse (PS/2) worked for about a week and now the computer is
doing the same thing -- freezing once it loads the desktop). Again, no
warnings whatsoever occured during the time it started working again.
But windows would still hang on the "windows is shutting down screen"
She wasn't able to use her power button on the front, so she had to
shut down using the switch on the back. When she would boot up, she
did not receive any messages saying windows did not shut down properly
or a fatal error occured -- nothing at all.

When her computer was working using her new mouse, I had her look in
the startup using msconfig, to maybe see why she is having problems
with her shut down. It shows her standard startups (zone alarm, avg),
but it also shows scvhost.exe (shouldn't it be svchost.exe), MS Suma,
and some blue tooth authentication. She has nothing associated with
bluetooth whatsoever, so she has no idea what that is. From what I
have read too is that scvhost.exe and MS Suma is/are part of the same
virus??? She does not have a printer or anything in her startup list.

She and her husband have not installed anything on their computer.
They use their computer for checking email and surfing the internet --
that's it. They would never load any software on their own -- they are
too paranoid to even attempt any of it. They don't game or burn or
anything. They would never update their drivers on their own either --
their drivers have not been updated in a long time.

I have been really busy, so I have not actually had a chance to take a
look at her computer. Booting in safe mode has not been attempted --
they would never try this on their own. I am going to go take a look
at their computer, so any suggestions would help. I am not afraid of
trying anything. I've repaired my own computer many times, though I
have never encountered this issue.

I'm sure you'll have more questions, so I'll try to answer them as best
as I can. I'm sorry I can't provide more specs at this point.
Thanks in advance

ps I had her drop her old mouse off at my place, so that I can try it
on my computer -- it froze my screen as well. It was a 6 year old wise
tech optical mouse. She is now using a standard PS/2 mouse that she
borrowed from her sister.


First download and install the correct mouse driver for the make/model she
is now using.
Then is sill having problems, try a PS2 to USB adaptor and connect the mouse
to a USB port.



I think the mouse is not the issue here; it just coincident. You may have
problem with system files. There was some kind of error, your friend did
not tell you about or did not see it.

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